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News update

Alan_Hayes posted Dec 13, 14
As you all know we've been talking about upgrading to 1.7.10.  Well, we are but its going slow. Mainly because I moved and lost internet except tether through my phone with 1 bar of LTE. So its been rather difficult for me to do anything.  Now, be that as it may, I have things to announce.

With our merger with NST, one of their owners is building us a custom world, replicating Fiore as best as possible. Once I get this map, I'm copying over all the built guildhalls into their proper locations. 

Marin, aka ethwats101, has done something incredible. He wrote a completely custom plugin for our magic, even adding in more magic and celestial spirits. He's adding in a lot more things as we go, so we can toss out plugins that we barely use. 

NST offered to help us set up quests and make it so people can accept and turn in quests without any other player interaction. However, this will not be a full replacement for GM quests, as they can make up whatever kind of quest they want.

As you all know, FTMC has been around for over a year and a half now. There have been so many changes that its not even funny. But we're going to fix that, barring any super massive Mojang updates that require map rerolls, etc. The main world will be an adventure map. No building, no destroying, just questing and killing mobs and players. Now, we're going have a regular minecraft style world where you can harvest, mine, etc. 

Players will have the chance to buy houses which will create a special zone for just them. No chance of someone randomly finding your house and griefing you. You will be able to allow others to come to your home, but only admins and owners will be able to force anything.

I'm going to work on mob mechanics and see if I can tweak them to have different areas of different strength mobs. Kind of like all MMORPG's, one zone may have level 5 zombies, another level 70, etc. 

I would like to recruit one person who has exceptional experience with Epic Boss Reloaded, or Epic Boss Gold Edition. I need a massive amount of bosses created, and for now they will have to be default MC skinned monsters. 

I also need to recruit someone to design a custom texture pack and/or resource pack for the server.  I can supply all the music for the resource pack.  

Both people I recruit will have to have skype so I can one on one with each person. These people will not be staff, but I will either pay or perk these people. If you would like to be considered for these positions, you will have to show me your work, and neither me or any staff should find it anywhere online. If we find one piece thats identical (and there are ways to tell) then you will be rejected and that will end your chance at anything above a normal player on our server. I don't deal with liars and thieves. 

With that being said, A whole plethora of things coming. We may release the new server asap, without the main map being accessible. This way players can get a chance to learn the new stuff. Of course it will not be available until Marin has his plugin done. And I will punish ANYONE who even so much as talks to him about going faster or adding more to it. Thats not your place. He and I discuss things, and if needed, we talk to the other staff. 

I plan on having things ready before Christmas, however due to all the crap going on in our real lives, I don't expect us to be fully ready before 2015. There are more changes than ever coming. 
Blazemaster480 Plz I would like to help with building or just plainly test out bugs and glitches.
Zero_boy Do you plan on updating to the latest update at some point?
DwarvenGod100 Alan if i could i help you move but i live no were near you
Hey guys! Just  a couple announcements on the new Sabertooth GM and mods!

Alright so here's your new mods for the upcoming update: 

New Sabertooth GM: 

So theres your updates! 
Just to re cap, the new guild masters for the new server are :

Sabertooth: Alstrador
Fairy Tail: Ethwats
Lamia Scale: 661mej
Blue Pegasus: Ashplayer
Oracion Seis: 218Keegster
Mermaid Heel: Lunamoon05
Raven Tail: Mrkregg
Grimoire Heart: Raiken14
Tartarus: Nicceegirl1000
Quatro Cerberus: aws266

Oh, and your Magic Council that runs the guild Head Mage is the one and only -> Me ! >:D  (Also known as Ken and Dragon) 
DwarvenGod100 wish they kept crime s i would like to be gm for that again
DwarvenGod100 what happend to wizard saint rank i know we used to have it but now its gone why???
Nerho64 How Do i Join It?
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