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So, if we can get about 100-150 bucks we can open up a smaller server and bring things up for you all to play on.  Everything we had will still be available once we get a server to run on. I would offer my home server but I'd need a ton of money for the appropriate bandwidth needed lol.  So anyway, I give you guys 2 ideas:

Run with Vanilla, give people the option to be whatever class they wanted with the phoenix rebirth thing being automated for people to change without needing us to do it, keep working on the vanilla server to tweak things and whatnot.

Run with Modded Vanilla, give people a new more beautiful world, hundreds of new machines and computers and weapons and ores and food and so much more.

I've been toying with a new idea for our proposed game, I took a ton of mods that I felt would be awesome to use, put them all together and I'm working on making things work together happily so I can check things out. I've been talking with Ryuu and Christian so we will decide what to do for long run. I mean, if it comes down to it, we might have to charge for access to the server if thats what it takes to keep it up and running. I don't want to do that but we can't charge for hardly anything thanks to Mojang. Sorry guys. Unless they change their tune, we can't do much.
Dragon Slayer Lulu are you guys thinking of getting teamspeak?? Or do you already have one
Dragon Slayer Lulu If my family wasn't in financial crises i would donate
DerpyPotatoe123 wait is the old server already done because i cant get into the server anymore it just wont work
Due to all the issues we've had on the minecraft side of things, several staff have joined together and are working on creating our own MMORPG based on Fairy Tail.

Ryuu and I are the first ones to start, but we're always up to recruit people for different jobs. 

One of the biggest things we need is character models. Now as you've seen in the anime, everyone is different in various ways. We want to provide a near infinite combination of textures for people to be able to customize their toon to the point that its them and no one else might have the exact same look.

Another thing we need is world creators. I want a world that is literally as vast as the actual Fiore world. Granted, we don't have the entire planet mapped anywhere, and that will be unexplored territory unavailable to players. But I would absolutely love to find a person or group of people dedicated to recreating the Fiore world for us.

We need so much... I can't even begin to describe here.  However we won't take many people, but everyone has the chance to "audition".  If you want to help, download, install, and use the free version of Unity.  (www.unity3d.com) Of course we can't offer the paid version as its $75 a month per license. In fact we're working with the free version until we're able to get the pro version.  As was pointed out, models arent done in Unity. Maya seems to be the program for character models.

Anyway, if you decide to audition for a position to help create the game (and yes, you will definitely get recognition and probably more if we choose to get your help), please create a model / texture / object and email the object to me at cris.hayes87@gmail.com.  Any misuse of this email will result in you being blocked permanently.  

That being said, Fairy Tail Online is being developed!

Aye sir!
marine2015 Come on! dont give up i can keep waiting for this server to be done! Its so cool!! i love it!!! ...
luccaorsini Guys guys he never said he isnt bring the server back up. It might take a while but eventually they will bring the serve ...
Brickster666 So your telling me that the server is basically gone? Now u guys are making a game? btw there is already a Fairy Tail on ...
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