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Alright well, because there's such a huge stink being made about rules and whatnot, I'm posting EVERYTHING right here, front and center for all to see.


  1. Do not cuss
  2. Do not use any derogatory language, to include:
    Racist comments
    Sexist comments
    Homophobic comments
    Any comments that are said to hurt or upset other players
  3. Do not grief
  4. Do not steal
  5. Do not claim other peoples builds/land/farms/chests/furnaces/doors with Grief Prevention, Towny and/or LWC.
  6. Do not bring drama to the server. This includes relationship problems, home life, school life, politics, or religion talk.
  7. Do not backtalk admins. If an admin screws up, I'll handle it. I don't need kids telling me my admins aren't doing their job because you don't have a damn clue what I've told them to do or how to do it. 
  8. Do no troll players, including telling them to run certain blocked commands, demanding exorbitant amounts of money or items, and DEFINTELY don't try to force another player to donate for you. I don't care if you make a deal outside of the server about them buying you a rank for a month of your servitude, but nothing shall be made in game of this nature. 
  9. Don't spam as I have an autoban in place for spam.
  10. Don't disrespect guild masters, mods, head mods, admins, or me. That's a quick trip to me becoming your worst nightmare.
  11. Above all else, Admins word is law. The only way it can be ignored is if they themselves break these rules, or I say so. 
  12. Above any and all things, my word... is undeniable and undisputable. 

If you donate, I am more than willing to work with you to give you the perks I give out with donations. These are a thank you, not a purchased item. If you abuse it, it can and will be taken away. Probably not permanently, but long enough for you to learn your lesson. I will gladly help a donator in any way possible if you approach me respectfully and not in a demanding manner. Even if its to get your money back (which technically shouldn't be possible because is a donation but I'm a nice guy and know things can get tough irl), just talk to me about it. Let me know whats going on and I'll do what I can.

I'm one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet if you treat me nicely and with respect. 


  1. Guildmasters are chosen to run a guild of people from all aspects of life. They are required to uphold all rules at all times, even enforcing those rules on their members.
  2. When in a guild, you're expected to continue follow the rules posted above and whatever rules your GM sets in place. If there is a rule that contradicts the rules posted above, then ignore your GM's rule and report it to staff. 
  3. Guilds are closed from anyone making them, as nearly everyone would want to run some form of a guild. We'd have 50 Fairy Tail's of various spellings and punctuation otherwise.

Server Events

  1. One day soon we will have server events. I have a lot of things to fix up and finish before I can properly host an event. Granted we can do build contests but anything else is a bit harder to do.
  2. Currently we have a maze people can play through, we have 2 mob arenas I occasionally spawn mobs at and have bosses set to spawn every so many hours. I'm looking for a creative person to work with me on making boss monsters. Epic Boss Reloaded in case anyone is wondering. 


  1. Oh boy.  Where to start...
  2. Marin and his team are working diligently to provide us with some amazing plugins. Marin had to rework his magic plugin for 2 reasons: MagicSpells barely works in 1.8, and I requested the final feature I believe we need for it. Because of this, he had to basically rewrite his entire plugin so it didn't need 

More to come. Had to restart my computer and didn't want to lose this...

I know people are going to complain, but after everything that's happened, watching Marin bust his ass for months only to get bombarded with more requests, I'm placing a limit on how many times people can buy custom magic every month or two. This is for Marin's sake. Please don't complain.

I'm thinking 1 custom magic purchase every 2 weeks. Until we can get another developer to help marin, then I might increase that to 1 a week. For now, because I've seen so many people say they're going to get custom, there are 5 available until October.