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So, I know everyone has probably noticed all the stuff going on lately. A couple of people being banned for breaking the rules, others leaving the server... I just want you all to know that if you break the rules, even staff will get punished. I don't single anyone out and make their life hell. If people play by the rules, I will be nice and friendly and have fun with everyone. If you break the rules, I'm one of the only ones who might let things slip without punishing someone. But the one thing I never sway on is respect. 

Respect is a huge, huge thing to me. I will treat players like equals and more as long as I'm given respect. It when people argue with me about things I've witnessed, saw in chat or chat logs, or even when people flat out lie or argue with me... That's when I get upset. What no one seems to remember is this is my server. It has been mine, as co-owner since 8/2013, and as owner since about 10/2014. I have a list of rules. Some are unsaid because they're a rare, rare occurrence, and I would rather not say certain things to give more players ideas about how to push my buttons. That being said, the one end-all beat-all rule I've had for years: Alan's word is law. Yes, I can invoke my power as owner and law down a decision about something. I rarely do this without first finding out both sides of the story.

But lately, it seems like people are purposely keeping information about situations from me. Player accused of hacking, with a video showing proof of possible hacking. A person who knew the truth never spoke up about it, just argued that he wasn't hacking until I found the truth in the chat logs. Could have saved a lot of time and stress and 10+ minutes of arguing by simply telling me the truth. Then I removed access to the commands, or so I thought (damn star nodes). I get another video the following day of the same player not taking PVP damage. I thought I removed the commands that were being abused, so I checked to see if I enabled "AFK players get god mode to prevent anything from knocking them out of AFK". Well, it wasn't enabled. So now it's really looking like hacks. But I check his ability to run those commands. I find out he still can use them. During this whole time, I'm talking to the player about him abusing commands to cheat in PVP. Well, not only did he previously lie to Athalus, he tried lying to me. I had already seen him using the commands. Rule #5 comes into play. During this whole time, another player starts running his mouth saying I can't do anything about what he did because I don't have any rules specifically saying "Cheating in PVP by abusing blah command is not allowed". So, while I'm trying to get the truth out of the original violator, I'm being attacked by another player. Athalus was even trying to defend me but this kid wouldn't listen at all. Breaking rule #5 like crazy. So I banned him. This is one of many incidents where this player has tried telling me I don't have the right to do things on my server. So, because of him, I'm cracking down on the rules.

If you have any issues on the server, either with magic (use /magic for a link to where to report them), issues with a player (use /modreq or post on the forums with screenshots of chats or whatever the offending player did, or even a video showing what they did), or if you have an issue with a staff member, come to me for this. I will NEVER ignore your concern or complaint, and I will never, ever blow you off saying you're lying or that you don't know what you're talking about. I'm a very receptive person, and I do listen to what everyone says. I may or may not remember it the next day, but that doesn't mean I blew you off. I have so much going on, plugins and whatnot to configure (mobs and quests and such, especially perms (these suck btw)), I have to find someone to paint a world painter map for the server, I'm dealing with problems between staff every now and then, dealing with issues with players... 

Guys and girls, if you want the server to be fun and enjoyable, all you have to do is respect the staff. Don't hack. Don't cheat. Follow the rules. That's it. I do have every right to shut down the server, delete the web page, everything. People forget this and think they can do whatever they want here. Come on people, if you break a rule on another server, do you get a second chance most of the time? No, you're a single player, and most servers don't give a crap about getting rid of someone who breaks the rules.

I want this server to be around for a long time. That requires players who follow the rules. If you have issues with staff, talk to me about it. If you have issues with other players, get staff involved if you can't work things out yourself. Don't grief, don't steal, don't cheat, don't argue or talk back. That's it. 

But there are things people don't know about, so here's what I told all the GM's and all of staff a bit ago:

If anyone has complaints against me, feel free to say shit behind my back, or to my face, I don't care. But at the end of the day you have to understand this. Who is the owner? Who has put thousands of hours of his life into this server, put up with harassment, attempted blackmail, threats, scams, and even had the police called on him? Me. Its my server, I'm the one who has to deal with all the bullshit associated with it. So if you don't like it, that's your opinion. But if you play here, you play by the rules. Yes, you are expendable. You're 1 person out of millions who play Minecraft. But if I consider you a friend, you aren't really expendable. Even now I'm trying to keep people I consider friends on the server. So sure, you may think I don't care, but you're completely wrong.

I've watched very close friends of mine on this server disappear from my life forever. I've felt pain and anguish at having to get onto people for breaking the rules. Until you KNOW me, don't assume shit about me okay? I'm far more emotional and caring than I let on. So please, if you have to talk shit, don't assume anything about me. I've cried over this damn server and players before. I've been verbally assaulted by people I trusted. I've found out that people who I thought hated me write/say some of the sweetest things about me. I've had friends flat out ban me from their website and servers over false accusations.

So please, don't you dare assume shit about me. You no nothing of what I'm going through online, or in real life. I'm under an extreme amount of stress, and I keep pushing on, because I love seeing happy players, and I love having friends I can talk to and have fun with.

Posting this in all the group chats regarding the server. It is not directed at anyone.

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