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Guildmasters are failing at their job. At risk for replacement.

Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Fri at 15:06
Well, so far I've been pretty disappointed in about half of our guild masters. Most haven't followed our rules, and the fact they're still GM's is purely because it hasn't been a priority.

Guildmasters who haven't been online in over 4 days are at risk of being removed. If you're one of these, log in, be active, recruit and help your guildmates. Otherwise tell me to find another.

You have until the 1st of October to do this before I manually remove you and appoint another GM.

You all agreed to our rules, and failed. I'm giving you one last change to remedy the situation before you're done as a GM.

Ryuukosho Youtube Giveaway

Ryuukosho Donor
Ryuukosho @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Sep 21, 14
As some of you may know I have been trying to get started on youtube, which can be found here. I have a giveaway going on now that I will do for every 10 subscribers I get. The giveaway has a prize of 2000 points to the winner.

How do you enter you may be wondering. Easy, just watch my videos and find the codeword each week. The codeword will be in white writing on an annotation that will have a transparent grey background. Each week you can enter once and if it takes me 2 weeks to get another 10 subscribers then you will get a chance for 2 entries. You can enter the codeword here.

Good luck guys, stay awesome and have a good one
1111kaan013 @ Fairy Tail MC
i win this one for sure i think xD
1111kaan013 @ Fairy Tail MC
ok got the word ...
1111kaan013 @ Fairy Tail MC
where can we put the word ?? any link
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