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Hey guys! Just  a couple announcements on the new Sabertooth GM and mods!

Alright so here's your new mods for the upcoming update: 

New Sabertooth GM: 

So theres your updates! 
Just to re cap, the new guild masters for the new server are :

Sabertooth: Alstrador
Fairy Tail: Ethwats
Lamia Scale: 661mej
Oracion Seis: 128Keegster
Mermaid Heel: Lunamoon05
Raven Tail: Mrkregg
Grimoire Heart: Raiken14
Tartarus: Nicceegirl1000
Quatro Cerberus: aws266

Oh, and your Magic Council that runs the guild Head Mage is the one and only -> Me ! >:D  (Also known as Ken and Dragon) 
Novaraven747 @ Fairy Tail MC
Congrats to the 2 other mod that made it and the Sabretooth Guild master!
Congratulations to the new guild masters! Through a long process of choosing, we were finally able to decide the new guild masters for the new server. 

Here's the results: 

Sabertooth: Brod1299 (Riuka_Heartfilia)

Fairy Tail: Ethwats (Marin_Dragneel) 

Lamia Scale: 661mej (Schiara_Milcovich)

Blue Pegasus: ashplayer (Felix_Clive) 

Oracion Seis: 218Keegster

Mermaid Heel: Lunamoon05 (Lulu)

Raven Tail: Mrkregg

Grimoire Heart: Victini_Girl

Tartarus: Nicceegirl1000 (Sabrina_Scarlet) 

Quatro Cerberus: aws266 (Always changing nicknames, idk)

=====There's your results!

Due to the fact that no one applied for Quatro Cerberus, we will have a new system for choosing the guild master. 

In some guilds, we had runner up players that made the choosing extremely difficult. We then had to roll a dice to choose. Therefore, those runner ups will be able to re apply for the position of Quatro Cerberus Guild Master. 

Here are those players: 

Sabertooh runner up : Aws266
Tartarus runner up : Lunamoon05
Grimoire Heart runner up: Raiken14

If these players choose to re apply they must add me on skype (My skype is Dragonarcher5, and no I will not accept requests other than these three). I will then interview them via skype message( like texting) and choose the guild master for Quatro Cerberus. 

=====Again Congratz to everyone! You all did your best and we could tell. These guild master changes will be taking place on the new server coming soon. 

MrKregg <3 I was tht certain person all along <3
[DS] nicceegirl1000 (Sabrina) DonorDS Too many for Raventail XD! Hope you'll win "special person"!
MrKregg Quatro puppy OP btw dragon I replied on Skype:3
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