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What we have done so far

[Admin] granitial_andy
EGranitial_Andy @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Jun 14, 17


Just so you know we are not slacking off we have done a lot more minor things but these are our most qualified.

New magic selection area
Fire, Gravity, Dark magics updated (10 Spells all working)
Crates (Dragon,God,Devil, RPG Hints)
Magic and Effect Plugins updated
Fixed Mob damage and health
New Cms Booked
Balanced Bosses
New rpg items
New Guild rules (30 max members per guild)
Builder apps will be announced soon (Confirmed members [Captain:Vamp,Draco,Dil])
GMG's trial run announced (June 30th)
New Arena
Help Center set up
Slowly finishing Perm fix ups

Mr_Clouds o I applied for a guild but it says Light, But I don't mind if it would be an independant guild since it's a mer...

Just an update I presume :)

[Admin] granitial_andy
EGranitial_Andy @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Jun 2, 17

Hi, friends Andy here!
If you haven't already heard Michael and I are in charge again. We have decided that since the staff team has finally come back to one unit instead of two separate teams we start work once again. Doesn't really matter rather you love Alan or hate him he is the reason we all get the chance to enjoy a server such as FTMC! Michael and I have decided to take the server in an updated version! So first off let's get to know the staff team a bit better because they have did so much work these past few weeks just to get us off the ground! They deserve respect and appreciation for their hard work. 
Owner - Michael

Owner - Andy

Lead Dev/Co-Owner - Alan

Admin - Cruzer

Admin - Sam

Admin - Gamertech 

Mod - Phoenix 

Mod (RPG) - RH

Mod - Josh 

Mod - Thunder Pineapple

Mod - Yoan

Magic Maker - Rin 

As for the updates! 

  • Crates (Dragon, God, & Devil) These let you use Crate Keys to unlock new and awesome items in the game such as ores, Custom Enchant books, or RPG items only available in them!
  • All new magics! We are making all classes brand NEW! Each class from Base magics to Devil Slayers will get 10 spells and be balanced accordingly. These will take awhile but we should have a first batch released for trial this Monday if not sooner!
  • New RPG items you can buy or get from crates coming very soon!
  • New plugins enhancing Roleplay and basic aspects of the game!
  • A custom storyline is in the works! This will take some time as well because we want to get it right. There are currently plans in the work but nothing set in solid stone yet.
  • Adventure map? Yes, the adventure map is being thought out once again this will probably be released with the custom storyline as most events will be going on the map regardless!
  • Guild Wars! Yes, we are thinking of a plan to make guilds be able to go to war and have fun with it! Fighting for dominance or respect? Your Guild Master will decide the fate the guild you inhabit so make sure you choose wisely! 
  • Quests outside of guilds are also being tested with, we are trying to find the best method to use the /quests commands to the fullest extent. So you can enjoy your time here just as much as we have had to make it!
  • Angel Slaying magics and Curses! These will be after all the magic's get made and put into place but we have decided to put our devs to work to make magic/curses the server has never seen before! YES, this means Celestial, Crash (Players can get) and maybe in the far off future even the Fairy exclusive spells! 
  • A full history/background of the servers prestige past! Yeah, the server has been around for a long time but has changed in SO many ways over the years. Maybe you will learn or just fall in love with our Lore!
  • Nickname apps have been back open for awhile and I (Andy) have had a blast reading them! We love all the creativity and effort you put in the server every day and this showcases it to the tee.
  • Builder Apps. There will be trials for this role as soon as we decide to start the next big building project on the server (Prolly one month) 
  • Voting? We will be working on getting the voting links back working fully again. That way not only we can grow, but you can get some "dope" items for supporting us daily!
  • Parkour and Mazes! Our local Admin Sam has been working on these for awhile that way even if there's a dead moment on the server for you, there's always something that you can do!
  • Arenas, We have 2-3 Arena's already finished that are just waiting to be touched up and implemented and maybe have 1 or 2 more coming later on.
  •  Redoing the perms for ranks, that way the server runs very smooth! For casual players, there aren't many problems you will encounter but there are a few. 
  • Making a whole building specifically for a tutorial of everything you can do on our up-and-coming server! 
  • By popular demand, now when you pick a magic you will get to see the spells and a small description of what they do before picking the magic you will roam the lands with!

So as you can see there are so many things we are doing to improve the server! I know I missed a few most likely, so if you think we should do something you can always just ask! I am always on Discord after I get home from work to take questions or basic concerns (11 PM - Est most nights) I thank everyone who helps us keep this old dream and fire alive. Donating helps us so much and for everyone who has donated, I thank you... Even if you can't donate though you just being here is always nice. With everyone's cooperation, we can make this server hot once more. So once again I thank all of you!

Assassin_11 @ Fairy Tail MC
What in the world is angel slaying magic?
Terra Agrinire Congrats and good luck! I love all the new additions you have added and I hope you keep it up!