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I'm opening back up cash donations. If you have an issue, be a man and don't say shit behind my back. Just report me to Mojang. The link is in the admin shoutbox.

For previous donators, you will get your ranks back. During a period of time the store was changed to a format that we no longer can identify, so if you happened to donate during that time we will try to help you, but we can't promise anything. 

All donator ranks in the store are purchasable in game. Our rate, as we've had for months, if not over a year now is $1 = 100000 jewel. All monsters drop jewel, quests reward money, and with the random events we have, you have a good chance to get money fast. I'm not saying you'll be able to get Ice Devil Slayer the first month you're here, but I'm pretty sure someone is going to prove me wrong.

There will not be an admin shop, as people abused that in the past. Within 4 days someone had purchased DS3 in game, 4 million jewel worth. About 500 diamonds worth at the currency rate we bought them at.. 

I will be monitoring how long it takes the average player to obtain enough money for a rank, and use that as a baseline on how long it should take everyone. If someone beats that average by a lot, and didn't win any events, that's grounds for investigation, leading up to a possible ban.

Thank you all for your support. I love my community and the family we've become.

[WS] Cl2en1 CM <3
[CM] DatBlueShroom CM I am still confused, what do you get for donating?
[CM] GageChillidali CM Sounds great keep up the good work

Due to real life issues of the admins, Im lacking several things the server desperately needs help with. 

Currently, I'm looking for someone to take over / help with making the magic. You will be working with xXNorthernSkyXx under the supervision of LordMikeXY. We're just updating the magic to work proper on the server until I fix a lot of the problems with plugins (recoding over half of them so they work right), then I'll be tackling the job of making a custom magic plugin. I'll be finishing Marin's plugin.

I need a world painter, someone who can easily make a map large enough to encompass the entire Fiore continent and then my builders can copy over the towns they've started. Then we can really get to rollin on a true Fiore map.

[DS2] Katan I could help with coding (as long as we are still using Java and haven't transferred over to c++) I have some expe...
Thunder_Pineappl I could help with the town buildings and stuff and making spawns and other things or build pixel art.