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As of this point we are no longer accepting applications for staff. 

Update to the rules.

Rule 21: Purposely antagonizing or provoking staff into arguments is no longer tolerated. You will be punished for your actions. Im tired of hearing about people wanting to quit because players (namely ex staff) purposely goading current staff into fights. If this continues, you will find yourself removed from the community and server. Back talking my staff is the same as back talking me. If you wouldn't do it to me directly, don't do it at all. 

Guilds Expansion!

[Dev] Doges Dev posted Jul 12, 16

It has been decided to increase the amount of available guilds by 10 to a maximum of 20!

Which in turn means we're 13 public guilds short...

Which in turn means...

Guild Master Applications!

Guild Master Applications have now opened until the spots are filled and can be found above under the 'Applications' Tab!

Grab Yo' Colour Codes, Grab Yo' Backstories, The Guild Applications are coming!

Goodluck To All Applicants!
                                             ~ Doges

[AdvM] Felix_Clive ashplayer Adv Mage How long are the gm applications going to be open?
[WS] Methusael Vermillion ModCMDS Yay new guild master friends!
[GuildM] ArKimation ModGuildM More competition eh? *cracks knuckles*