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Due to an unforeseen incident, I was forced to change the IP suddenly. Please spread this to everyone who plays. I'll change the modules on the website too to reflect the change.


New IP. Please use this from now on. 

[Admin] Makenshi The new address works again. It had to propagate across the internet first. Also, moving everything to www.gamersunity....
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snake25234 Why does it only stay on version 1.7.10


[Admin] Makenshi posted Oct 14, 16

Everyone seems to have an issue Rin is back and is staff. Let me tell you why.

He's the only one working on magic spells. He's one of the best scripters I've ever seen. He is very enthusiastic and hard working. 

Now, here's WHY I'm pissed. All of you who are bitching about Rin are part of the reason people leave the server. All I hear is bitching about him being banned and a hacker at one point. People change. I wouldn't have asked for his help if I felt he was a liability. You all complain that he's not as good as other scripters we've had. But what you are forgetting is THE PLAYERS have driven people who help the server away. Marin, shunned and ridiculed from the server because he wouldn't work 24/7 and push a plugin that would take a dev team months to finish. I've had countless MS scripters leave the server, some driven away by players being assholes or demanding everything be done for them the minute asked, some left for a mix of reasons.

I'm extremely ashamed of my players and I'm very weary about hiring any staff because of how my players treat them. If a staff member happens to commit a tiny wrong, players gang up and attack the staff member for weeks or months at a time. It seems the only time staff is liked is when they don't act like staff and break the rules on their own. 

I don't care what reasons you have for not liking someone, but before you get all butthurt about something, look at what YOU do on the server and how YOU treat others. Are you asking for things? Are you demanding things of staff? Have you been treating anyone like crap? Anything you do that is negative, is seen by many. I can't tell my staff to act like robots, because I know better than anyone that it is impossible to let everything not phase you. Having my players treat staff I trust like shit, really upsets me. Basically feels like you're treating me like shit.

Because of school and players being assholes, I have lost more staff than I can think about. It hurts that I want to put out the best server possible, yet the people I have to get help from get treated like shit. 

If you don't want the server to succeed, leave. If you can't understand I have to have help from people that you may not like, leave. I don't need negativity on my server, and my network. 

Natsu_Hana I love playing with Rin on server... that's when he's not fixing someones magic Keep up good work buddy!
generalstorm99 To be honest, Rin has been an absolute GIFT to the server recently, he's always helping players out and has all rou...
ultrakirby5 Why do people hate Rin? He's a good guy and he does his job well.