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If everyone has the time and can handle a bit of occasional cussing, I think most players would benefit from hearing an impromptu speech session by some players and I. Both staff and regular players are in on this, and it was not planned or scripted or anything. These are heartfelt speeches that had some of the members almost crying. These are speeches about how players feel about the server, each other, and about themselves. 

If you've ever wondered what some of us are like, or even what I'm like, listen to the audio file. I'm going to start putting up all staff meetings and things people want others to hear, for everyone to listen to from now until the end.  

People involved in this session:

Madoushi (Makenshi) - Alan
Sketch_wa                  - Sketch
Deanoreanogaming    - Dean
Supergokudude          - Goku
BootyMasterRogue    - Sam
Slypherus                   - Slyph
gamerTech98             - Kevin
WDAster                    - Yoan
lordstiggi                    - Stiggi
laserdog03                - Kochiro
dogs445                    - Jordan

This was not edited (except to cut the file where the staff meeting ended and the speeches started). This was not planned, scripted, adulterated... nothing. 

Hopefully, this helps dispel any rumors and ideas that some of us are evil or hateful or what have you. 

Audio Archive

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