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Due to personal lives becoming hectic, several staff members that are vital to this server are unable to fulfill their duties. This being said FTMC is NOT shutting down for good. I'm going to work on things privately, ensuring functionality is achieved. I will also be working on the world painter map that was started, and when that gets ready, I'll be hiring builders to literally bust the map out completely. I will be creating hundreds of dungeons, reworking the RPG plugin, adding thousands of mobs, and working very close with Shiro and Rin for the magic. Eventually, the magic will be entirely hard-coded into java, which I've already started. I will be stripping plugins of things we don't need, and probably just yanking a bunch of plugins anyway. 

Survival will be handled in a completely new way, as there will be mobs but no experience or money. All that will come from the adventure map and the dungeons. In fact, survival won't even be accessible until you have purchased a house on the adventure map. This forces people to actually play the game. The survival map will have no ores, it'll strictly be for free for all pvp and guild wars. 

I will be creating a market in each of the towns, where certain items can only be found in certain towns. Like, prismarine only found in Hargeon, diamond only found in Crocus, etc. 

All guild halls will be placed on the adventure map, but also cloned into the survival map. Entering the guild on the adventure map will teleport you to the survival map guild hall. Guild halls will be protected from people mining them. Explosions will be allowed, and during wars, the guild hall that is demolished is the loser. Chests, Dispensers, Hoppers, and all redstone and track stuff will be immune to all damage, including the block below it. However the guild hall must not be more than 10% of these items, otherwise, you will have to rebuild it.

That being said, all donations received will go towards pushing the server faster. We've been in beta so long... All previous donations that are still in the store will be honored indefinitely. Please don't listen to the naysayers who say FTMC is dead and I blew all the server money. I have people I have to pay for their services on the server. We did buy an entire server from a guy for several hundred, and we still owe him. 

To clarify on the crap being said about me, I did get into a wreck and was charged $220. But because we're positive its mechanical failure and not me being an idiot, we're fighting the citations. I haven't given them a dime yet. I did have to borrow some money to get my medications, but that was early December and we were still able to renew. We've received maybe, $40 for the month of January and I did have people charging back  

FTMC and Bleach have merged staff teams to expedite the servers release dates. We're going to be sharing skills, and helping each other in a most beneficial way.  Battlecraft owner JFaulkner is going to host 2 other servers I purchased from him in order to generate revenue, Factions, and OP Prison. These servers are nearly complete and ready for public release. 

I will also be migrating away from enjin and finally using my website which will save a ton of money in the long run. www.gamersunity.net will be where you go for all your gaming needs. We're going to host various kinds of servers down the road, not just Minecraft. All donations will be handled through the website, and by PayPal. 

Please stay in touch, I'll have a staff member reporting updates as we travel down this new road.

Assassin_11 also do I donate here or wait till the gamersunity site is fixed or whatever
Assassin_11 Alan I will try to donate some money towards this and I wish you guys luck on doing all this stuff I love how hard you w...
Hatori Toriyama www.gamersunity.com seems like its down become I can't get on it.

On the 27th of every month, if there are inactive guilds, the guild with the least amount of players, least active ect, will be disbanded along with the guild master being demoted. This guilds spot will be replaced (hopefully), how we do this is not yet determined.