Because our skills plugin (Fantasy craft) had some noticably OP skills, looking at you dodge chance and crit chance, we decided to lower the max values for some skills. This nerf is quite large but very needed so that players can actually pvp without the winning factor being who has spent more skill points.

Change log:

Strength: Dropped from 40958.75 to 30958.75
Stamina: Dropped from 9999 to 5000
Defence: Dropped from 90% to 30%
Spirit: Raised from 999.0 to 9999
Intelligence: Kept at 5.0
Agility: Kept at 3.0
Dexterity: Dropped from 60% to 25%
Luck: Dropped from 75% to 25%

Magic Sneak Peek Dragon Slayers!!!

(Fire, Earth, and Shadow) [Coming Soon]


Fire Dragon Slayer!

~Ohh boy! Natsu is the original but why don’t you take the role and make your own story! With this, all new re-vamped class of 10 spells lets see what you can do to make your mark on the server!

  • Fire Dragon Roar - (DMG) -  Take on Natsu’s signature ROAR! Launching a fire roar at your opponent chasing them down until they are scorched.
  • Fire Dragon Spinning Blade - (DMG) - A fire tornado knocks your opponent into the air and ignites their corpse!
  • Fire Dragon's Crushing Flame - (DeBuff) - Stun and Silence your targeted foe for a brief amount of time, crushing isn’t the right word for this it should be called devastating!
  • Fire Dragon’s Iron Fist - (DMG) - Surround yourself in a fiery blaze and attack the opponent with a swift hard blow!
  • Fire Dragon Eat - (EAT) - Now as you now all Fire Dragon’s can eat FIRE! Well this one is obvious it heals when the caster is caught on fire.
  • Fire Dragon Vortex Slash - (DMG) - Raise your flames to engulf partially in blue and throw it in a vortex to harm your enemy!
  • Fire Dragon’s Brilliant Flame - (Buff) - WOAH! You need a power boost, my dude! Take some “Brilliantly” named flames and get Strength, Speed, and Fly for a set amount of time.
  • Fire Dragon Flame Elbow - (DMG) - What the hell kind of Flames are those! A green mixture with Orange thrown in there… Anyway stay lit and do damage fast to your opponent!
  • Fire Dragon Grip Strike - (Passive) - So they want to brawl eh? Well with this passive, every time your opponent decides to swing their blade and or fist they have a chance to ignite themselves and like a coward, they get scared and “SLOWLY” start messing up and moving slower.
  • Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade - (ULTIMATE) - Ahh… So you think my friends don’t matter? Well, let’s see how much your opponent matters after this bomb ass finishing move! You start off easy enough right? EXPLODING A MASSIVE AREA CAUSING MAJOR DAMAGE! Then causing your opponent to become Wither bound! Of course, there are some repercussions… This move causes the caster to Poison their own bloodstream so you will take some damage yourself.


Earth Dragon Slayer!

~ Feel the power and tank over your opponents using the natural gifts of the planet fused with some “EARTH” shattering Dragon Slaying Magic!

  • Earth Dragon Roar  - (DMG) - Hone in Natural magic waves, expand your lungs, and then releasing all that power out in a full powered ROAR!
  • Screech of the Earth Dragon - (DeBuff) - Power yourself up and weaken your opponents with a blood-curdling screech!
  • Earth Dragon’s Gift - (Buff) - Get a healing remedy spell that also enhances your jumping abilities for a short amount of time straight from the Earth Dragons book!
  • Earth Dragon’s Boulder Fist - (DMG) - Power up! Strike! The opponent won’t know what hit them once you release this Damage based spell!
  • Earth Dragon Eat - (EAT) - This Dragon Slayer has an ODD eating habit they can heal themselves by eating Dirt… Yeah, but their body takes 4 seconds to digest it so don’t eat too much!
  • Earth Dragon’s Shield - (Buff) -  This shield forces your body to take a natural resistance boost and speed buff by lightening up the body’s mass index!
  • Earth Dragon Stone Strike - (Passive) - Haha hit all you want peasants! You will keep getting blown back, My body is enhanced by stone and minerals stronger than any forged weapon!
  • Earth Dragon’s Rampage - (Buff) - Nature… Isn’t all CALM and cool… When you enrage the Earth Dragon you will be so scared of the strength increase you will be “STUCK” in place due to fear!
  • Earth Dragon Igneous Slash - (DMG) - A hit so hard that even the dragons will be momentarily stunned in the spot they stand!
  • Earth Dragon Igneous Explosion -(ULTIMATE) - A blast of the core materials from the ground so intense that the ethernano in the ground becomes active again and silences the opposing mage while dealing major damage!


Shadow Dragon Slayer!

~You will never understand the pain and mistrust I cause in the realm of the unknown… My existence is a shadow of all humanity. My teacher taught me all I need to know to lurk the shadows and assassinate all who oppose me. My demeanor is not that of a human but more of a dark, cold, and unjust DRAGON! (EMO DRAGON!!!)

  • Shadow Dragon Roar - (DMG) - The shadows are drawn into the lungs and blown out in a Black Haze chasing down the opponent.
  • Shadow Dragon's Vortex - (DeBuff) - If they cannot “SEE” me they can’t judge me!
  • Shadow Drive - (Buff) - I’m the ultimate Assassin… What they can’t see, nor catch will be their dooms!  
  • Shadow Dragon Sneak - (Passive) - When they hit me, I have a 10% to become undetectable to them. For a brief amount of time only though. Could be a good reset if I’m losing in a fight!
  • Shadow Dragon Eat - (Eat) - Shadow Dragons can only eat Obsidian to heal themselves fortunate enough... I only need a small amount to satisfy my hunger!
  • Shadow Dragon Slash - (DMG) - Sometimes my swords play isn’t enough to kill an opponent, so I have to clash into my Mana extract to deal damage to them!
  • Shadow Dragon's Waxwing Flash - (Buff) - If I’m surrounded by the enemy I can launch my darkness into the sky, causing an explosion that will blow them back and blind them all!
  • Shadow Dragon Eruption - (DMG) - Once I get in close enough to the target I will separate the shadows and cause an eruption of darkness that will damage them!
  • Shadow Dragon's Crushing Fang - (DMG) - They will be consumed by the darkness in my heart and that power turns into damage they will face!
  • Shadow Satanic Ritual - (ULTIMATE) - When the time is right I will unleash my Ultimate maneuver against the foe. The ritual summons a false me and sends me into the night. As the enemy scrambles, slowed by my time alteration from manipulating the shadows. I only increase my strength to unthought Heights to get in and blow them away!