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FTMC Is evolving!

Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Mon at 9:54
Due to the request of many players, I've decided to take us back down a road we once ventured.

Multiple servers.

FTMC is also changing. I'm updating us to 1.7.10.  I'mma ask Kashi to finish all the spells for our current magic classes. Once thats done I'll take over adding in more mage classes as we see. 

AthalusZero is going to be in charge of a server regarding another anime, Kokashii is going to run Pixelmon.  Tesla mentioned a Hunter x Hunter server, and I believe we're going to attempt to host a Naruto server soon. I have big plans for another server, but that will be after we get everything set up like we want. 

Pixelmon, FTMC Modded, and Classic FTMC will be modded servers. The rest will be vanilla. I'm going to attempt to link help and staff chats together accross ALL servers, but idk if that will be possible. 

Anyway, big updates coming, stay tuned!
DwarvenGod100 Hunter x hunter sounds fun I would go black list hunter with specialist nen abilatys
1111kaan013 naruto server ...





Basically, an ex-Bukkit developer got a stick up his ass and filed lawsuits against anything that has his code in it. Craftbukkit and Spigot are the two he really went after. Mojang has denied any support for this guys actions. 

So basically, After we update to 1.7.10, thats probably it. Unless we get an actual developer to update to newer versions of minecraft.  But one person doing that might take half a year. 1.7.10 to 1.8 is HUGE. I mean HUGE. Just the server jar itself would take months. So... we're staying at 1.7.10.

Monthly Goal: $150.00
30 / 150.00

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