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Ryuukosho Youtube Giveaway

Ryuukosho SADonor posted 10 hours ago
As some of you may know I have been trying to get started on youtube, which can be found here. I have a giveaway going on now that I will do for every 10 subscribers I get. The giveaway has a prize of 2000 points to the winner.

How do you enter you may be wondering. Easy, just watch my videos and find the codeword each week. The codeword will be in white writing on an annotation that will have a transparent grey background. Each week you can enter once and if it takes me 2 weeks to get another 10 subscribers then you will get a chance for 2 entries. You can enter the codeword here.

Good luck guys, stay awesome and have a good one
1111kaan013 who won this one ?
Ryuukosho SADonor 21/09/2014 Giveaway closed for this week. starting tomorrow a new entry chance will come up. Mondays are a new week

Alan's side project.

Alan_Hayes SA
Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Sep 9, 14
Alright guys, because of what is going on with Minecraft and its massive limitation we are finding. So, remember me talking about us making our own game? Heres the gist of my plans.

Since people play on a variety of platforms, I've decided to just go with Java for the code. Now, this will be a learning curve for Ryuu and I, but since I've several years of programming classes under my belt, I'll be the main programmer for this project. Once I get to the graphic engine coding, thats when I'll determine what we're going to use for textures.  It'll probably be vector graphics, so people can change their resolution with ease.

Now, the theme I want to be Fairy Tail, but due to copyright issues we can't. So what I'm thinking, is we do something similar. I mean they can't copyright 90% of their magic because its nearly impossible. Now, Requip, Heavenly Body, Arc magic... all that can be copyright because I've never heard of it anywhere else.

So I'm thinking about making something from scratch.Like, Fairy Tail without using names from Fairy Tail. Unless I somehow manage to get approval from Hiro. If I do, then by god I'll do whatever it takes to make the most badass MMORPG based on Fairy Tail.

Probably going to get an alpha alpha alpha version thats just talking through a client, and then branch out. I'll select a handful of people to be on the alpha/beta test list later once I'm ready.

In the mean time, if you guys REALLY want this to take off, donate what you can. If I can get the money to sit on my butt and pay bills, then no one will complain and I'll be able to work all day on this. I'm not scamming anyone. I honestly will do this as much as possible each day if I can get income for it. And in Kansas, this is a legal binding contract between me and anyone who reads it. 

If people wish to donate to me to help push this along, donate using the 3 donations that don't have anything related to minecraft. I can live on $10-20 a day with ease, if people can help. And it doesn't have a daily requirement so just throw what you can when you can please. I plan on having a prototype client and server ready in a week or two.That prototype would be basically a chat box :P

Anyway, help out if you guys can, everyone will benefit from this in the long run unless I die before completion. And if I'm just sitting on my butt, not likely xD

Also, this server will get money first, then part of the extra will go towards this project. I'll be setting up a github for those involved with the making of this game.

Speaking of, if you know Java, and I do mean more than writing "Hello world" in a command prompt, talk to me. Please at least know what OOP is, classes, inheritance, and networking with Java.  Once the graphic engine is being worked on, I may look for graphic designers to help make models. 

Now for my idea layout:

I'm thinking of a cel shaded graphic style game; Minecraft-esque as far as being able to dig in the ground for resources, take down trees for resources; like Clash of Clans for building things but with more requirements (a house can't take just logs, gotta have iron, wool, paint, stone, etc); magic spells with real effects, items people can use to decorate their houses or guild halls with; and for Ryuu, voice acting! So we might need hundreds of people for that part.

I will think about an alternate universe (like Edolas); Definitely will want dragons as mobs, and yea they won't be easy. Think of the GMG from Fairy Tail. No Dragon Slayer could even hurt a dragon. And there will be player jobs, players will be able to open shops to help others, players will be able to team up, and maybe even let players marry. Although having happy fun time... not so much. It'll be like a Minecraft marriage. Share inventories sure, sleep together no. And no I wouldn't limit who can marry who. I support same-sex marriage. 
SilenceSwag If you need any help, I'm all open.
661mej I Also Support Same Sex Marrage
[DS] luccaorsini DonorDS Damn. I wanna be a beta tester. I wanna feel like kirito :CC
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