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Ok, this owner is so frustrated he's decided to ask for help.

Alan_Hayes SA
Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Aug 23, 14
If you feel so inclined to try to help, click here and read my problems. Attached is the permissions file I'm currently using.

D_E_L I have done pex for numerous servers I am staff on. If u need it done still or need some help with any other plugins set ...
Alan_Hayes SA
Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
I do think I figure it out. I basically said eff it, and started over on the main group perms. Doing it line by line in ...
Purplemango999 I have a buddy who is really good with this stuff i could give him a call if u want for sum help

News about the server.

Alan_Hayes SA
Alan_Hayes @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Aug 11, 14
One thing I wanted to really say about the server coming back up. You will be able to use the Lobby like we had set up, but the actual vanilla map won't be available to regular players right off. You will be able to use the test server just as it was. 

What I need from some players, are jobs for players. Jobs like from the anime. I need hundreds and hundreds of them. I fail so bad at thinking of things so I'm turning to you guys.

Now, there need to be ranked jobs as well as jobs anyone can do (think merchant type guilds). 
E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank, S rank, SS rank for guild members, and lets just do something for SSS. Not saying there will be that level of player, but maybe we could do team jobs with them.

DO NOT POST JOBS IN THE COMMENTS! I will get a group of people together and discuss the fastest and best way (most likely google docs) to do a group collaboration for jobs. 

If you want in and can think outside the box, sign up. I can create custom bosses or mobs for people to fight for jobs, if thats what you desire. More will be discussed once I have a team.
[DS] aws226 DonorDS Hey, Alan, Have you figured out the GMs? Or is that still in thought?
Brickster666 I get that u can create custom bosses like acnolgia or Zeref, however would there be like easier bosses with lower healt ...
marine2015 I just want to be of help! plz message me if i can do anything!
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