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So this happened today.  I have no clue how they did this, other than either being script kiddies or legit hackers. However, they didn't take into consideration how locked down my server is. You can get OP sure, doesn't mean you can do jack shit. They did show me some things that I'm going to be fixing, such as /staff. I have 1 thing to fix, and that's Packet's world edit. Luckily, they're slow as shit and I deop'd and banned them all super fast. The Notch impersonation scared me for a bit, until he started spamming. Then I knew it wasn't him and /ban.

Anyway, you hack on my server, I will find and ban your ass before you can do much. I'm also preventing any chance of this happening again. GG hackers, you just fortified my server even more. Sucks for your script kiddy asses.

[DS1] Craftcyborg I read this out to my friend on my Skype chat who also plays this server and we laughed so hard XD. The way the hackers ...
[CM] Terra Stonecrest CM I actually read all of it and it is actually really inappropriate but funny XD

Slight mishap...

[Dev] Makenshi DevCM posted Apr 4, 16

Due to an unforeseen issue, the databases crashed and won't start again. Thats literally everything necessary to even start the servers and whatnot. 

Time for me to fix everything. I'll go as fast as I can guys. I promise.

derpyderp101 im a noob how do i get on the server
[DS1] darthdrakon lol I hope you get it fixed and #facepalm
WelshFoxglove Welp My faith is in you God (by god i mean Makenshi... my nickname for ya!) I know that if anyone can fix it it'll ...