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Due to unknown reasons, the server is under attack. From itself. Through Java.

Every so often, there some conditions That are met and the Java environment crashes. I occasionally get dump files and logs for this, but I'm unable to determine what exactly the cause is. 

I've been dealing with real life stuff for the past couple of days but once that dies down I'll be doing what I can to solve this problem. 

Thank you for understanding. 


Edit (to keep the last 2 posts on the home page): 

I don't give a flying fudge nut what you did, how long your temp ban is or anything. You harass any staff or player and I find out, I will triple the ban length. Flat out. Thats for a first offense. 2nd offense is triple the triple length, or 2 months, whichever is longer. 3rd offense, find another server to play on. We don't need harassed by anyone who got punished for breaking any rule, including those created by our chat filter. If you happen to get banned for saying "sucks" and "server" in the same sentence, simply file a ban appeal, and I'll check the log. If what you said was something like "oh that sucks, I love the server" then I will unban you. If you get banned for being an jerk to staff in a fit of hormonal rage, sucks for you. Deal with the ban time. This applies to anyone, including all of staff. Except me cus I own this. Yes, I would temp ban Keeg or Ken for doing something they know better than to do. I would ban Marin if I felt he needed to calm down because some kid pissed him off. 

My rules exist for a reason. Chat filter may be overly sensitive, but until the majority of the important work is done, I don't care. And yes, you will not be allowed to cuss once I'm done. Any cussing during this time frame may result in a temp ban from my staff as they feel necessary. Someone seeing me spawn in 600 Withers and going "holy shit" may get a warning. If you spam it, a temp ban. Now, randomly talking and going "this fucker and that fucker and all these fuckers" or anything of the like, most likely a temp ban. I don't condone cussing by even my staff, as this is a PG rated server. At most I may allow "hell" and "damn". If they aren't abused.

If you don't like my rules, there are hundreds of other servers. I would gladly ban donators as well as non-donators for breaking my rules. I don't care if you just donated $5000, you aren't above the law. Ever. 

BTW: Anyone asking about ban appeals or anything regarding their or a friends ban in the shoutbox, forums, website chat, teamspeak, in game, skype or whereever... thats grounds for a 1 day temp ban from all FTMC services.

1 ban appeal per person. Thats THE ONLY THING I want to see about any ban. Temporary or permanent. 

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[DS] Domo DonorDS When I see bold red lettering I get scared ;-;

Custom Magics

[Dev] Makenshi Dev posted Mar 8, 15

*Edit: Marin asked me to allow you to donate whatever price you want above $50. The more donated, the stronger your magic. To a point. $100 would raise your power to 400%. Thats 125% above a $50 donator.

Marin has been gracious enough to offer the community the chance to have your very own custom magic. Fully coded, debugged, optimized and made just for you in Java. This would be an addon plugin for our magic plugin, so, sadly I can't give out the magic he makes for you as no one would ever be able to use it. Good news is that as long as this server is running, you will always have that magic.

Now, originally we talked a price of $100 minimum, but Marin wants everyone to be able to get it for $50. Now, let me make one thing clear. There are no discounts for previous donators. Marin has to spend countless hours per custom magic request that he approves, in order to make your magic. You will go through an application on the website, and explain IN EXTREME DETAIL what you want. Requirements for the spells will follow.

Lets say you have an alt. We can easily find out if its your alt, so don't try to trick us. So you want custom magic for your main character. I'm offering the donators of the custom magic to put their old rank onto an alt. Otherwise I'll refund you enjin points you can use for whatever you like. Except Jewel. I will never sell currency for cash. That's a EULA violation. Since we offer all the donator packages both in game and on the website, we don't limit who can donate to get things. This keeps us in accordance with the EULA. As long as everyone has the same ability to get said donation item, including through in game currency, we don't violate the EULA.

Alright so let me explain a little about the requirements and restrictions of the Custom Magic:

  1. You get 10 spells. 275% power. This is right between God Slayer and Devil Slayer in terms of power.
  2. No spell is allowed to shatter armor, give op, have any sort of instant kill move (especially anything aoe), can't alter currency, inventories, and cannot spawn items. If you wonder about something, ask Marin or Alan.
  3. You are ineligible for a rebirth of any kind. Why would you trade away your custom magic you spent money on?
  4. You are ineligible to learn spells outside of your custom magic (You can sell spells you find though <3)
  5. Spells must be completely compliant with PG guidelines. No cussing, racist, sexist, gender, or orientation attacking through the spells. Having a spell called Rainbow Power is fine. Having a spell called White Supremacy or Fag Bash is not allowed. Your application will be denied and you will be banned from applying for custom magic ever again.
  6. Marin has to approve of everything. This is all on him in the end. He has to spend hours coding your magic. Don't argue with him about something he said is impossible, or not allowed. He knows. You don't. 
  7. Donating for custom magic is a privilege. You can still get banned by breaking the rules of the server. This applies to all donators, past, present, and future.

That being said. This is a huge privilege provided by Marin. Do not demand anything, do not rage if something isn't exactly how you want it. Do not... threaten us in any way shape or form. I will refund you and then globally ban you on the websites and servers. 

Thank you for your patronage. 

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[DS1] Kirby9876 Donor Dragon's*
[DS1] Kirby9876 Donor We should do Dragon Force or Dradons Secret Art