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Marin has created a Fairy Tail minigame that will run on its own server.  This will be on a separate IP as well, so it won't be a part of the hub. 

Basically, you can be a regular level mage for free, and fight people. It's going to be set up kind of like Mob Arena, if you're familiar with that. We're going to have multiple arenas of various types: lava, water, void, obstacles, and anything else we can come up with. The map will be purely adventure mode, with worldguard to prevent anything from being broken or placed by anyone. You will be able to interact with things, create teams and choose the arena you want to battle in.

Once a week we will have a tournament that will scale with the number of participants.

  • Winners will be announced globally, and the winners of each round will be teleported to their next match once both combatants are done with their last round.
  • You will be fully healed and given a 5 minute break before each round, just in case you have to use the bathroom or something. 
  • If you DC or take too long, the fight will start, and you will probably lose.
  • There is no rematches or anything. First one to kill the other wins and advances.
  • People found to be hacking will be permanently banned, no chance for coming back.

Character cards will be available for purchase for this minigame server. You can purchase all the cards and choose who you want to be before your match. During the tournament you will be able to switch magics, but as stated before, no rematches.

Tournaments will be held in these formats: 2v2, 4v4, 8v8, 16v16, 32v32, 64v64, 128v128, 256v256, 512v512, 1024v1024. Of course, the ones above 32v32 are for future use when we get a higher player base. Hopefully we can make this all automatic so they happen regardless. The rewards for each bracket will be as follows:

  • 2v2: 250 Enjin Points
  • 4v4: 500 Enjin Points
  • 8v8: 750 Enjin Points
  • 16v16: 1000 Enjin Points
  • 32v32 1500 Enjin Points
  • 64v64: 2250 Enjin Points
  • 128v128: 3000 Enjin Points
  • 256v256: 4000 Enjin Points
  • 512v512: 5250 Enjin Points
  • 1024v1024: 6500 Enjin Points

The enjin points will be usable towards FTMC and Fairy Tail  Brawl (the minigame server). Now, the character cards will vary in price depending on who it is, and the level of power that card has. Admins from FTMC will not be admins on Fairy Tail Brawl, because Marin and I are going to set this up to be nearly 99.999% automatic. Any issues found on the server, like a hacker or something, just pop over to FTMC or message us on skype.

Another thing we're working on is a custom Team plugin. There will be able to be any number of teams, no more than 5 players per team. There won't be any friendly fire, exp should be shared by all in the team (within range of each other of course, no farming by high levels for a low level).

Now, I mentioned levels. This aspect isn't even alpha in nature, as I just started talking about things to marin. Basically, we're going to have the classic RPG idea for levels. However my version of this... won't be easy to level up. The first few levels won't be terribly hard, but as you level more and more, the exp needed will increase on a logrithmic scale, or exponential. Haven't figured that out just yet. Too tired atm to think hard enough on that portion. But we're going to incorporate mana and hp into levels, so as you level up, you get more hp and mana. Each class will also get varied levels of hp and mana, depending on the roll of the class. Tank, DPS, Support.

Stay tuned guys, FTMC is constantly evolving behind the scenes. You may not see anything for months, but don't think we're just sitting here doing nothing. Marin basically does all the hard work, the other admins and I basically do what we can to keep the server running and keep you all happy.. But lately I've started working more on the actual coding side of things, so I can help Marin. We're going to use a github to work together and help push things out faster. 

I thank everyone for their support and love. You guys make it worth while. I'd be lost without all my players and friends. You guys are great.

[DS3] Deathfyre8 Is there any word on the Adventure stuff too?
Nicceegirl (Sabrina)
Nicceegirl @ Fairy Tail MC
Hmm, let's see, I'll give out some suggestions: Double Jump, this lets you jump twice, but has a 10 second cooldown. Boo ...
[FT] LinkBlast FTGuildM Is there a chance of there being custom Character Cards in this minigame?

Apparently I did some horrible things at some point in my life, because Karma decided it was now that my ass needed kicking.

As few of you know, I was in the ER for extreme dehydration and severe stomach pain. I thought I had an ulcer in my stomach, but apparently I also showed signs of gallstones or something. Well, turns out neither. I have a viral infection in my lymph nodes around my stomach, but they werent sure of the cause. So I have to see a GI specialist. All while being uninsured. 

I got my bill for the ER trip, and I almost cried. I knew it was going to be high, but this amount of cash would let me live comfortably for nearly half a year. I owe 6500 for a 4 hour ER visit.  And to top it off, yesterday my symptoms came back.  Luckily I learned a little while I was at the ER so I'm able to kind of avoid issues that put me in the ER.

Anyway, Marin and I have been busting our butts to make some updates to the server, creating custom plugins to provide a unique experience for people.  I stole an idea from the first server I played on that I didn't have OP on. They had a plugin that did some pretty unique and fun stuff. They called it Oprah and made it a slightly racist plugin without stepping over certain boundaries. Like, you could do /ochant and you'd randomly say something in chat like "Makenshi gets taxed standing in line to see Oprah!".  The plugin would randomly give out items like water melon, chicken, milk. And there would be a drawing 3-4 times a day that you enter by typing /ochant. This drawing would give anything from a single dirt piece to a stack of diamond chestplates. And no, thats as far as the racism goes lol. But we won't have the racist part. I'll make it friendly to all ages. The plugin also has this nice feature where items that should get deleted by being on the ground too long, get put into specific chests. Of course once the chests are full then items are deleted.

Another thing we're making is a plugin that deals with worldguard and takes over mob spawning. This is a huge plugin that will give our server a realistic RPG feel. We will need builders of the highest quality for this as well. I will be getting Deadly back on to hold nearly daily build contests with one major build contest every saturday. I need tons of builders. I want to recreate Fiore, in massive detail. To scale. Once this map is made, it will be converted into an adventure map, meaning no building or destroying of any block. This map would be split into many, many regions. Starting areas for different guilds will have weak monsters that drop low amounts of jewel and exp. But there will be more advanced regions that new players would be destroyed in seconds. Think, World of Warcraft zones. Monsters will grow in strength, power, defense... everything you can think of. I will also be working with Marin to make EpicBoss plugin work flawlessly. Then we can go about making rare spawn mobs, bosses, minions, etc. This map will also be COVERED by NPC's for quests, jobs, shops, etc. 

Marin is diligently working to perfect the magic plugin, and to fulfill all the custom magic requests we've received. The CM cost went up at Marin's behest, because with updating to 1.8 coming soon, he has to redo so much to make things work. MagicSpells is broken in anything past 1.8.0, which render spells almost useless.

Another thing we're doing is, sadly, resetting the map. Due to the corruption we encountered, and the proceeding problems caused by trying to fix the map, something happened. I tried putting the map back on the server and removing player files to see if it was player files that were corrupt. Well, the server wouldn't even launch with the map in. So I put the player files back and reset the map. I'm saving the map so we can grab things off of it, but I can't promise anything. I'm sorry you all lost homes and builds, but it couldn't be helped. At best Minecraft is volatile. Mojang wrote really crappy code and instead of fixing the old code to make it better, they built on top of it. Marin and I are going to do what we can to make this server as stable as possible. 

Final product will be a fully RPG anime themed server like never before seen. And all of the players who have been here through everything, you are the backbone of the server. We would have died years ago without our players being so awesome. I thank you all for sticking with us through all of our problems. 

Exceeds can be purchased in the donator store. $5 to be an Exceed. If you buy Exceed now, you will get updates for them as we decide what to allow them to have. Currently you can fly, and toggle cat form on and off.

Fastemper Amazing to see what has been happening here over the years...you work very hard buddy, don't forget to take care of your ...
[DS1] 49Goten
49Goten @ Fairy Tail MC
Sounds amazing! Hope you feel better soon!
cruzerdude10 Will there be a party system?