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Unfortunate news

[MC] Ken posted Sat at 4:28

Hey everyone, 

Sorry to once again bring bad news, but the Sabertooth guild master and Grimoire Heart guild master have stepped down from their positions. And no, they were not demoted. One felt that they were getting too busy and didn't have enough time to devote to their position while the other one felt that they no longer wanted to responsibility of guild master. So this means two spots have just opened and applications are going up once again. If you want to apply, feel free, but make it good. 


Also, if you're going to apply for GM, you have to understand that being a GM is a serious role on the server which means that you'll have to be on the server A LOT and we expect that you will stay a GM for a long time. We understand that life happens sometimes and you have no other options, but DO NOT apply if you just want to have fun and get on every once in a while. We need loyal and hardworking GMs- so if you think you fit that bill, apply for GM.


Raven Tail is now available to apply for. Sabertooth is no longer available. Grimoire Heart is still available. Please note that there is no set time as to when the new Guild Master is chosen and that just because you are the 2IC doesn't mean you'll get the post.


Also, Alstrador was going to step down if he had no way to get on the server. He remedied this, and therefore kept his position. We apologize to everyone who was trying for ST. We jumped the gun on this matter. Mistakes happen. 


[DS] Minun DonorDS So the ST guildmaster stays
[DS] Minun DonorDS When are the GMs chosen
[DS] Tiger.D.Josh DonorDS im the 2ic of saber shouldnt i be promoted to GM

Announcements of all kinds!

[Admin] MarimoMoro A
MarimoMoro @ Fairy Tail MC
posted Feb 23, 15

Alright guys, first off, we have a few announcements. 

1. Our server is in desperate need of donatations. Last month, all revenue we earned from donations went to updating our security, as well as paying a builder to come on and build some excellent things for you all to enjoy once the new server is public.

2. Alan's computer has been giving him issues as of late. Due to that factor, the update has been pushed back until further notice. We've run into quite a few issues prior to his laptop started causing trouble, and that is why it is down. Please everyone just be patient and wait for the update. We're doing our best.

Now then, onto the next matter of business!


To help bring in some extra money for the server, we've decided to hold a special sale for a limited time ONLY!

We will be selling the Wizard Saint Rank! Now, keeping true to the anime, we will only have 10 Wizard Saints at one time. Seeing as we already have 3, only 7 people will have the ability to quickly rise through the ranks and receive this well honored title!

The WIzard Saint Package {$45} will include:

    -The Wizard Saint Title

    -A one time pass into any guild you would like (including the Magic Council)

    -Extra health & mana (More than Dragon Slayers)


Now, just because you purchase this title doesn't mean you are invincible. There are still restrictions to abide by.

    -The maximum is 2 wizard saint per guild. The policy is first come, first serve meaning if two donators before you want to be in a guild such as Fairy Tail, you must choose a different guild to join.

    -Once in a guild, you must still follow the rules and listen to the Guild Master. Should you not do so, the master is allowed to excommunicate you from their guild.


[DS1] ThaBijuuDS Donor Ken, I'm a dragon slayer But i bought the Package for normal ppl, Because i wasn't able to buy the dragon slayer one, am ...
[DS] Grey_Vendetta DonorDS Does the "Wizard Saint Package for Dragon Slayer" still include the ability to choose a GS/DVS magic?
[Admin] Makenshi
Makenshi @ Fairy Tail MC
Its been very difficult with my laptop crashing every time I log in, and I've everything so secured I can't just log in ...
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