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[Dev] Makenshi Dev posted May 20, 15

UPDATE: There was an issue with the magic, Marin is fixing that. I've had some real life crap come up and I've had to devote a lot of time to these things, but I try to do as many perms as I can when I can. After I get perms done, I'm taking a day off and taking like a dozen sleeping pills lol. I've gotten such little sleep this past week. 

Second Origin is going to take a tiny bit of coding on my part on the website. But I've already got the mana set, but Marin and I keep tweaking things to try and make them balanced, so we'll see what the end result is.

Everyone, your donations this month helped propell us further. I can't thank everyone enough for your dedication and devotion. I know we kind of go against the EULA, but we're working our butts off to bring you the best experience we can. That takes time and money, which none of the staff have the money to help with. I wish I could just pay for everything and not have to have donations to keep all this up. Thank you all again. 

If everyone donated even a dollar or two once a month, I could probably have a super server built and set up in no time and then I could drop off a large amount of monthly cost for us.

I look every day for jobs in my fields of expertise, but everything I apply for I miss by something... I don't know what. However, I'm trying. I've been accused of making this pay to win, or that I'm just in it for the money, or whatever reason people come up with. That's not me. I spend countless hours helping people in real life without asking for pay, fixing electronics, computers, etc. So... I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it to bring the best Fairy Tail server to everyone. 

I just feel really bad having to take donations. That's just me though. 

I've had a really rough week...

~~~~~~~~Old Post~~~~~~~~~

Well. Time to spill some beans.

I recoded SimpleClans (all credits go to phaed and poison for the original plugin). Its now SimpleGuilds, and all commands start with /guild. Nicknames also work now as well.

I'm redoing permissions. From scratch. This means everyone gets a free rebirth. Things are definitely changing with perms. In order to make everything the way we want, you may lose some commands, and you may gain some. Such is life. You can politely ask why we took away certain commands, because if you blatantly attack or yell at us or to anyone in general about a command... I'm going to instruct my staff to just temp ban you for a few hours. Not dealing with the crap. This is my server, my rules. Its not a democracy if you don't approach us nicely and calmly. 

Chest Shops plugin is back, so be prepared to use that for your stall in the mall. No I will not put up admin shops for people to make money. Thats not what its for. 

Economy wise... GuildMasters want more income? My advice: create a town using towny. Tax your players a certain amount every day (real life day, not minecraft day). If you had set a plot or dorm or whatever to 600 jewel a month (real life), then simply put a 20 jewel tax on each plot. Or whatever you feel you have to do to make the daily tax rate for the town. Hell, I would recommend 100 jewel a day. Take the extra and pay members for guild missions. You could sell multiple plots to a single person, that way you could increase the reward for higher up missions... I mean if you THINK about it, you can easily start making money from the same people you pay for missions. (personally, I'm tired of seeing the crap of "stack of diamonds 500 jewel". I BOUGHT diamonds at 3200 a stack last server simply to introduce money to the economy. You can do much better)

Build contests are going nice, pvp tournaments are starting to take off, bosses are being used and made.

We're working on updating the magic. Hence the perm revamp. When its done, you'll know because you'll log in as a Guest. Yes, you have to redo the tutorial. I'm going to be adding in certain requirements for you to even pass the tutorial. Too many are ignoring the rules and signs and ask us questions that are answered in the tutorial.

Money wise, the support from you all is incredible. I've used the current money to start building us an actual physical server I don't have to rent. This server will take time to buy all the parts, because I want us to run on the best. Its much cheaper for me to rent a nice backbone of internet, than to keep renting the same machine for a year. I can get a huge pipe of internet for around 700 a year. Currently the server is costing well over 1200 a year. Not to mention the extra firewall and security I had to get after the group ddos'd us and threatened to hack us and anyone who connects to us. 

Let me just remind everyone of who staff is. 

Makenshi & Madoushi (same person), Bayskater: Owners. 
218Keegster, ThatCoffeeGuy: Head Admins
ThatCoffeeGuy: Head Developer as well.
Deadlycobra777, MarimoMoro, Finluztraz, Rydale, AthalusTheSecond: Admins
Deadlycobra777 & Finluztraz are also Head Builders.
Sketch__: Head Mod

These people are who you should be respectful to at all times. Disrespect is not tolerated. Talking back is not tolerated. 

Lastly, and this one I plan on cracking down as soon as I figure out a fool proof method, is cussing. As I've stated before: DONT CUSS HERE! FOR ANY REASON! DON'T USE HATEFUL, RACIST, SEXIST, OR ANY FORM OF DEROGATORY LANGUAGE! I'm going to start banning people for a freaking month if they talk about rape or anything sexual in nature towards another individual.  This is a server where children come and play. Argue with me about this, and I'll make sure you don't come back. Ever.

Anyway, everything is moving along faster now. We hit a stagnant period for awhile, but with Keeg, Sketch, Fin, Rydale, and Moro back, and Marin busting his butt to push the update... We're back in the game people. 

Alan a.k.a. Makenshi & Madoushi.

theOddFawkes I'll have to agree with Clouds. You guys work really hard. I'm sure you know this but don't listen to the kids who come ...
[CM] Mr_Clouds CM Alan u don't need ro feel bad look how many people helped we don't care to donate its just what makes the server really ...
Astaeroth Thanks for the update Alan, Just take it easy and dont burn yourself out. ^w^

Updates 2.0

[OS] 218Keegster OSGuildM posted May 19, 15

Hello everyone! It's Keegan, and I'm glad to finnaly say that I'm back!

It's been a wild ride for me the past couple of months, and as most of you know I had to take a break from being on the Fairy Tail server, and I ask for you all respectfully to not ask why I was gone- it was personal matters that I had to attend to and take care of all this time. However! I'm back, and with me coming back, I have some important announcements to make about the server


As of yesterday, the staff and I have decided that we are going to be changing things about the server to make it better than it already is, and to be able to grow as not only a community of players, but as a family!

#1. Staff Applications and Voting

The staff of the server has decided that we now have enough staff members (meaning builders, mods, and admins) to run the server at the pace we want it to, so we are now closing staff applications for the server. If you didn't get accepted, it's not personal, it's just that we are full right now and having any more staff would hinder us more than it would help us.

Voting! Starting soon (please don't ask when, just soon) players will be able to vote for the server and make the server more popular so we can branch out to other parts of the world! We know that the server is already growing at a good rate right now, however we feel like we could do more, and we want players who don't know about the server be able to find it easy, and if players vote for the server, the server will become infinately more popular than it has been in the past. Of course, we would be giving something in return for you players voting, and that would be in game currency or materials (we haven't decided yet, so don't ask :D). Once voting is up, I ask all of you players to please vote, because spreading word about the server helps out everyone, and the population on the server would boom!

#2. Oracion Seis and Crime Sorciere

As of now, I formally renounce my title as Guild Master for Oracion Seis, and with that, I also formally close the guild Oracions Seis... for good. It will not be coming back to the server for a good reason. SPOILERS! In canon, the real Oracion Seis is disbanded and never reassembles, as all of the members (except lucky Hoteye) join Crime Sorciere. This is where that guild comes into play. The guild Crime Sorciere has now been introduced onto the server, however it is a Staff only Guild. Reason being as staff who don't have time to be staff and be in a guild can go to it so they aren't "Guildless".

#3. Economy

The staff has acknowledged that the economy on the server isn't that great right now. So far the only thing that people use Jewel for really is to buy Phoenix Rebirths, which isn't what it's supposed to be used for. So, what we've decided to do is change the economy. Our wonderful builders have just finished building a Market, which is at spawn. Starting soon, staff will be selling very handy wares there, and then we'll make it to where players can have stalls and stations to sell things there too, for a profit to buy other wares. This will actually give value to the Jewel instead of just a commodity for people to buy Phoenix Rebirths at, though we will still probably keep that as an option for people to buy. With this, we are going to be changing the amount of money that mobs drop, because we find it that it is too easy to farm money from mobs (i.e. Finding a Blaze spawner and racking in about J2000 a minute). Once we adjust those rates, it will be a steady rate of flow, but it will also encourage players to be apart of a guild and make money via missions (which would now be easier to make money than kill mobs). Players now are notorious for not doing missions hardly at all, and that's a problem for guilds. Guilds and Phoenix Rebirths some of the sole reason we are chaning the economy, but it's for the better of the server!

In Conclusion!

There will be many things to be looking forward to in the future, and these updates will not be all at once, it will be in levels- (#1 is first update, #3 is the later one). I hope you guys are excited for these updates as I am, because it's going to be making the server tons better! Have fun and I'll see you all on the server!

[TT] 13_Zodiac_Keys TTGuildM I'm not trying to be rude or anything but mobs from spawners never dropped any J so if you were to find a blaze spawner ...