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[Dev] Makenshi Dev posted Fri at 19:48

Due to recent events, I've moved the server to a host for the time being. If there are problems, report them here.


  1. Prefixes being odd (Will be fixed when I reissue all perms after tweaking them)
  2. Magic broken (You can report spells not doing certain things, like damaging, but BE DETAILED)
  3. Guilds broken (I'm looking over the plugin and fixing it)
  4. Money missing (I know, I have to mess with the database)

Anything else, reply here and give great detail (unless its your personal information or anything regarding paypal information to check for donator status). If you're a donator needing your rank, just say "I donated for <rank> and I don't have it. Can you please help me?" 

Anything else going on, like a hacker or someone being an idiot or harassing players, you can use here if you can't get ahold of anyone on staff through teamspeak or the game.

[TT] 13_Zodiac_Keys TTGuildM Sky Gods Bellow activates but when it hits the person it does not do any damage
[DS1] Igneel I can't open things in my own claim because I "Don't Have IgneelFireDragon's permission to use this"
[DS2] bordalandsdude1 I've donated for LDS 2 in the past and I don't have it.

Here lately, we've had a lot of chargebacks. My paypal account is in the red now, which means before I can even rent a $5 host somewhere, I need more donations. That's the flaw to the "donated this month" section. It can't show chargebacks.

AmericasTopBaca and parcoreprince3 are permanently banned for a huge chargeback.  Not only was I double charged back, PayPal let them get away with it. So, yea. I'm thoroughly pissed. 

Everyone has to agree to a disclaimer before they donate. If you choose to not read this disclaimer, or if you choose to flat out ignore it, then you're going to be permanently banned. Normally when you DONATE, you do that to help the server, not get perks for 2 months then chargeback to go play on another server. That's theft. Donations are donations. I have to report them to the IRS at the end of the year just like I have to report the money I make at a job. You screw me over with chargebacks. 

"Any and all donations are strictly that: donations. You are under no obligation, in any way, shape, or form, to donate to this server for any reason. All donations go to the server first and foremost, to keep it running and for upgrades. After that the donations go to those who have spent countless hours bringing you, the players, the server and keeping things running. Think of this as not paying them for their jobs, but as a thank you for taking time out of their lives to bring fun and entertainment to the community. Above all, donations are donations.

If you find your little brother or whoever donated using your info (how'd they get it in the first place?) and you want a refund, approach us in a manner that will be conducive to our response. Yelling, cursing and/or typing in all caps is not how you should handle things. Revoking a donation through Paypal is inappropriate and in violation of these terms. Revoking a donation will result in you never being allowed to donate to us again as we can no longer trust you. We are more than willing to work with our players to provide the best experience possible, and we understand how things can happen. However, there is a limit on how far back we will reimburse. If a 60 day period has passed between the transaction in question and the date you make the request for reimbursement, we will most likely decline. This saves ourselves the trouble of digging through archives to find your transaction, and also helps prevent players from donating amazing amounts of money and then using us as a sort of bank to withdraw from later. That is not the purpose of our donations. Use them as such or they can/will be removed from use by those who abuse them.

Thank you for your donation, we truly appreciate your generosity. We value all of our players, and strive to do what we can to bring enjoyment to them."

Bottom line, if you think you might chargeback in the future, don't donate. Go somewhere else. Money is not a fucking toy. All you people who donate are doing so to help the server stay alive. If you don't want to help keep us running, thats fine. If you end up taking back what you donated, you're gone.

This is the last time I want to have to say anything like this. Money is not a toy. If you donate, and are unhappy, TALK TO ME OR MY ADMINS! 

Hachibi Ok so obviously another server has been having this same problem. My friend, his server had to be shut down due to the f ...
sharkrazn76 it always says pinging
sharkrazn76 ip does not work for me anymore.